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Logging you in now. Something went wrong, Please try again later. You should be receiving an email shortly to reset your password. Something went wrong, we were unable to reset your password. Your password has been successfully updated. While on a plane, Agent 99 spots a threatening looking man in the back and says she thinks he's an assassin.

Maxwell brushes it off as profiling and notices that he has a wad of gum stuck to the bottom of his shoe and attempts to scrape it off using a match. Passengers around him start to yell and panic, thinking he is trying to light his shoe, and that it must be a bomb. He is tackled by an Air Marshal and his hands are put into zip ties. Max requests to use the bathroom, and while inside attempts to break his zip ties using the crossbow on his pocketknife. He does finally break the zip tie, but one of the darts hits the "eject" button and leaves him plummeting towards the earth with no parachute.

Agent 99 goes to eject. She sees the dart and that there are still two parachutes there. She realizes what happened and quickly ejects to save Max. She grabs him, but the threatening man follows close behind. He slashes 99's chute with a large knife. Agent 99 does not panic, knowing she has a backup chute. She briefly lets go of Max to slash the man's chute. However, he grabs onto her and Maxwell and prevents her from being able to pull her parachute.

She kisses him, and, shocked, he lets go. Maxwell accidentally inhales a tranquilizer that he meant to shoot at the guards.

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When he wakes up, he is in entirely new clothes, a disguise chosen by They infiltrate the main office and trace nuclear material to a KAOS nuclear weapons factory disguised as a Moscow bakery. In the bakery, Maxwell meets with KAOS boss Siegfried and his second-in-command, Shtarker, only to learn that a double-agent has compromised their identities. Maxwell manages to escape and destroy the weapons factory, but he and Agent 99 are confronted by the same man that they had assumed dead earlier.

All seems lost, but Maxwell manages to persuade Dalip to spare their lives. He does this by talking to Dalip about his crumbling marriage, realizing he knows all about the man after tracking him while he had been working as an analyst. The Chief sends Agent 23 to observe the cleanup of the factory, but KAOS sneaks the weapons out through the Moskva River beforehand, leaving Agent 23 convinced that only a bakery had been destroyed.

Agent 99, who has gradually been developing feelings with Maxwell, is heartbroken but takes him into custody. Siegfried contacts the U. Max escapes, arrives in Los Angeles to reunite with the Chief, Agent 99, and Agent 23, and convinces them that he is not the double-agent. When his Geiger counter -equipped watch picks up traces of radiation from Agent 23, they realize Agent 23 is the real double-agent.

After a chase, Maxwell manages to rescue Agent 99, but in the struggle, the car is set on fire and forced onto railroad tracks.

Maxwell kisses Agent 23 to distract him, a trick learned from Agent He and Agent 99 are thrown off the vehicle before it collides with a freight train, killing Agent After analyzing Agent 23's nuclear football, Maxwell realizes that the bomb will be triggered by the final note of Beethoven 's " Ode to Joy ".

They rush to the Disney Hall , and Max tackles the elderly conductor just before the final note, saving the President and Los Angeles. Siegfried, despite his plan failing, is satisfied with Dalip's performance and promises not to kill his wife in response, but insults her at the same time. In response, Dalip throws Siegfried into a river.

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Maxwell is afterwards given honors and gets his dream of becoming a real spy. While leaving, Max attempts to fix a jammed door, much to Agent 99's dismay, and ends up jammed between the sliding doors as a humorous ending shot. In addition to traditional television advertisement and movie trailers , Warner Bros.

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KAOS" [6] where visitors can participate in contests and "missions". The theatrical posters had a sticker that highlighted the return of Jorge "El Tata" Arvizu , a highly regarded Mexican actor who was returning to the character after a year hiatus, having dubbed Don Adams in the s TV series and again in the short-lived s Get Smart TV series starring Andy Dick. The site's critical consensus reads " Get Smart rides Steve Carell's considerable charm for a few laughs, but ultimately proves to be a rather ordinary action comedy".

Negative responses came from Glenn Whipp of the Los Angeles Daily News calling it "staggeringly bad" and Mick LaSalle of the San Francisco Chronicle stating that "It couldn't buy a laugh in a nitrous oxide factory with a fistful of clown noses. It also received negative reviews from Richard Schickel from Time [15] and David Ansen from Newsweek , with the latter stating, "it's not Maxwell who's clueless, but the filmmakers Director Pete Segal Two versions of the film were released: the theatrical version and an enhanced version that allows viewers to view alternate takes and deleted scenes placed within the context of the film.

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On October 7, , it was reported that Warner Bros. Carell, Hathaway, and Arkin were set to return, but the status of other cast members had yet to be announced. He said that he was still very interested in eventually making a Get Smart sequel, but was willing to wait until a decent script was developed.

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Anne Hathaway is definitely in and Alan Arkin, so at some point During , Carell stated that it was unlikely that there really would be a sequel. In December , however, Peter Segal claimed a Get Smart 2 had been close to being made, with the "funny script" written by Carell himself. By , Segal stated that the ship had sailed on a potential sequel. From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia. Get Smart Theatrical release poster. Leonard B.