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Home Childhood Burkitt Lymphoma. Share Print Email. What Is Childhood Burkitt Lymphoma? Some research suggests a link with malaria and EBV.

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This type is rare in the UK. The information in this section is mainly about sporadic and immunodeficiency-related Burkitt lymphoma. The most common symptom is one or more painless swellings.

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They can grow very quickly. These swellings are enlarged lymph nodes. Doctors call this group of symptoms B symptoms. Some people may also have unexplained itching. It is important to tell your doctor about any symptoms like this. Burkitt lymphoma often grows in the tummy abdomen and bowel.

Burkitt lymphoma

You might have some of the following symptoms:. Lymphoma cells can take up the space of normal blood cells. This can cause low blood cell counts. Symptoms of this includes:. You have other tests if lymphoma cells are found in the biopsy.

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You might have different scans and a bone marrow test. The 2 groups are:. Stage Your stage means the number and position of lymph nodes or other organs affected by lymphoma. Talk to your doctor or specialist nurse if you want to find out more about the aim of treatment.

What Is Childhood Burkitt Lymphoma?

This could be different for different people with Burkitt lymphoma. As Burkitt lymphoma is fast growing high grade you have treatment soon after diagnosis. If there is no sign of lymphoma following treatment, this is called remission. Burkitt lymphoma is usually treated with a number of different chemotherapy drugs and a targeted immunotherapy drug called rituximab Mabthera. You might hear this combination called chemoimmunotherapy. Your treatment can be very intensive lasting several months.

Burkitt's Lymphoma

You might be in hospital for a lot of this time. There are different drug combinations. You might have a different combination to the examples listed here. Some types of lymphoma including Burkitt lymphoma are more likely to spread to the brain and spinal cord central nervous system. In certain situations, your doctor might want you to have treatment to prevent this. Or your doctor might suggest you have a high dose of methotrexate injected into your vein instead. Chemotherapy into the fluid that circulates around the brain and spinal cord is called intrathecal chemotherapy.

It is very similar to having a lumbar puncture.

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You might have surgery to relieve symptoms if your lymphoma is pressing on an organ, causing a blockage obstruction. You have regular follow up appointments after finishing treatment. For example, these might be every 3 months for about 2 years.

At these appointments, your doctor will examine you and ask about side effects. You usually have blood tests. Take the opportunity to ask any questions. The best person to talk to you about your outlook or prognosis is your doctor. Not everyone wants to know. People cope differently with their lymphoma and want different information.

Survival depends on many factors. So no one can tell you exactly how long you will live.

Burkitt's lymphoma

Your doctor might be able to give you some guide, based on their knowledge and experience. Burkitt lymphoma and its treatment is likely to cause physical changes in your body. The treatment can be very intense. You will be in and out of hospital for at least a few months. These changes can be hard to cope with and can affect the way you feel about yourself.

It can help to talk to friends and family. Or join a support group to meet people in a similar situation.