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JM: I was never given one specific piece of life-changing advice, but talking to brilliant and ironic teachers like Gerrit Noordzij and Gerard Unger, and also somebody like Matthew Carter, I learned that the best minds are often also characterized by modesty — and accessibility.

TR: The iconic and much-respected Gerard Unger sadly passed away. What is his legacy?

I always found him very Dutch in his approach, yet very international. TR: Dutch Type has been one of the Holy Grails since its first publication and now it's making a comeback. Why now? JM: See above. Also, the requests to re-publish it grew manifold, and louder.

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What was an important step for me was the decision to do a near-facsimile: I enjoyed making the old book available agin, not throwing away half of it to update it. I hope one or more publications about 21st-century Dutch type will follow. Which qualities draw you to this choice? It was a very good choice because I had written a lot and this typeface can be quite space-saving.

Also, new styles were developed in response to problems we encountered during production — the sans-serif did not yet exist when we started on the book, and a condensed sans-serif was ideal to accommodate the long captions I had written with people in mind who might read the main text only reluctantly.

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TR: Netherlands is small, yet its influence on typography is immensely wide. Why is that? JM: It is often easier to be inventive and innovative when you are part of a small culture that can learn to adopt and enjoy your work instead of having to cater to the masses. Switzerland is also a small country where very wilful designers do their thing for a relatively small market.

Their is probably a dozen more possible reasons. TR: If you were a Dutch font which one would you be and what would your motto be? I would prefer to be piece of lettering, like a book title by Boudewijn Ietswaart. And fonts I dislike are not worth talking about, haha. What's your take on that? JM: He has been the most influential teacher for sure, who wrote a few books that re-defined how to analyse letterforms.

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His typefaces are fairly unknown only two are available and he mainly designed them for himself — to use in a book design he was working on, because he could not find what he was looking for. TR: What is the state of the Dutch type design scene now?

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Who are the leaders of the pack if there are any? This has been the place from which both the principles of creating type, and the eagerness to embrace the latest technology, have spread. The type design scene itself has not changed so much. There is no young generation with the same impact as the people who emerged around — only a fairly small group of talented individuals.

The type scene in Berlin, where I have been living for 15 years now, is more varied in terms of age and gender.

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Quite a few, though, have perfected their skills at the KABK. Many designers work very internationally, and are very flexible stylistically. TR: Why did you choose to live in Berlin? How is the typographic scene there and in which ways is different to Dutch type?

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Of course, I do loathe how they imposed austerity on Greece. Hopefully there will be a sequel to Dutch Type, a kind of magazine-like book, covering aspects of the last 15 years. Also, distributing the book as my own publishing still involves a lot of administration — which I detest. Grab your own precious copy here. Never miss a post. Subscribe to our Newsletter, like us on Facebook , follow us on Twitter , repost us on Tumblr. Be part of our community and have your creative climax one font at a time.

Hit me! Thank You! TR: Which was the most difficult aspect in compiling this publication? TR: Please describe the Dutch type design scene in five words or less. JM: Practical, innovative, technically savvy, historically aware. TR: Which traits do Dutch graphic designers bring to the typographic realm?

TR: Which is your most beloved dutch font and why? What about the least? TR: Does nationality play an important role on the typography realm after all? JM: Less and less. TR: What does it being Dutch means to you?

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