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The inside has three pieces: your knowledge, your creative problem-solving skills, and your attitude.

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They affect each other. Your knowledge is a toolbox for your imagination, and your imagination can get deployed to solve problems, but your mindset is critical. The outside is the resources, habitats, and culture. Collective attitude is culture.

Knowledge expands out [and] becomes resources. Skills expand out to habitat. Now, habitat is a whole bunch of things. These levers all affect each other. What would you do? How do you get going to create a world-class organization? Tina: You as the person who leads the organization is in charge of this external environment. You can set the culture. You can determine what resource is available, and you are creating the habitat. Michael: So you start outside, then go inside?

Tina: I love this question. Things as simple as the physical space… When people walk into a room, the room tells the story about what your behavior should be there. The physical space matters. Tina: Yes. People are paying incredible attention to what the leader is doing—not even what you say, but what you do.

This is true with parenting as well. Michael: I did a little investigation on how empires fall, and a thread that I came across [was that] they rot from within. The organization affects us, and we contribute to and affect the organization. Michael: What are some of the traps that people who are in a position of leadership run into?

Michael: Yeah, okay. What if we went into environments that are dangerous, risk-involved, and very alpha, meaning that not many people want to be in that environment. Corral is a purposeful word because you want to let the stallion run, but at the same time, you want them to come into the fences to be part of something.

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Here are the skills, approaches, the mindset we expect people to have, and this is the culture that we are building here. They make it very clear what the hierarchy is, what the reporting structure is, how you deal with people in different levels. I think about risk-taking a lot, especially in the world of innovation entrepreneurship. You need people to take risks. I think of risk as much more nuanced. There are physical risks, emotional risks, social risks, intellectual risks, financial risks, ethical risks.

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We all have our own risk profile. You might jump out of an airplane, and I never would. You might be willing to put a lot of money in the stock market. I might not.

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Tina: I am very happy to take social risks. By Barry Pruitt. Leaders often self-impose what used to be good habits at a bad time. And, when your team becomes 50 you need to stop growing individuals and begin growing your leaders — so they can grow individuals in your stead.

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This is what you have to do to become a world-class leader of a world-class organization. I asked Jack Daly sales guru and best-selling author how my observed leadership patterns compared to a world-class sales organization. As you look to build a world-class sales organization, make sure that you are focused on the right things. As sales managers and business leaders, it is not your job to grow sales. It is your job to grow your salespeople in quantity and quality every day.

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  5. The following five initiatives are the main areas that must be focused on when building a world-class sales organization:. Find good people —The process of recruiting good talent to your organization is not one that often happens by chance. Many companies get aggressive about recruiting only when they need somebody to add to their team or when they need to replace somebody who has just left their team. Recruiting is a process, not an event.

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    It must be ongoing and continuous. Can you imagine only going after a new customer when you lose an existing one? Get them to join your team —Now that we have spent countless hours, days, and months hunting our prey, we finally have them in our sights. This is only natural when we think about it in our sales process.

    Get them trained and producing —Now that we have brought new talent onto our team, it is imperative that we have a plan to get them "into the game" as soon as we possibly can. We often hear from sales managers and CEOs that the "ramp-up" time for salespeople can be six months, one year, or even more.