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11 Things To Do BEFORE You Start Selling On Ebay

A thorough, knowledgeable description of the product is powerful advertising. Specialize Rather than trying to sell everything you don't want on eBay - your accumulated clutter, worn out clothing and miscellaneous "stuff" - sell items in one or just a few areas. With your specialized knowledge you can both sell more effectively, and buy from others for resale at the best prices.

If you fail to uncork profits in this market, you can always toast your loss. See Investing In Fine Wine. Add a Picture and Sound to Your Auction Posting a photograph of yourself to go along with soundbites shows potential buyers the real human being offering the products for sale. Many veteran eBay sellers recommend adding audio to your auctions.

Data shows that a personal audio message to potential buyers increases sales. The sound personalizes the seller and prospects feel more comfortable buying from someone they hear talking. Be sure you write out your message before delivering it and memorize it so that you can speak naturally and without hesitation. Use a Sales Auction Management Service Automated auction services available online can manage your sales easily and efficiently. All pertinent information, including headline, description, picture, price and duration of the auction may be keyboarded into templates.

Sales and payments are tracked, and e-mail notifications are sent when buyer payment is made, either through PayPal or by credit card. Although these services charge a monthly fee, they may be worth the price in saving you time and effort. Establish a Reputation for Credibility and Honesty Be scrupulously honest and forthcoming in your dealings and feedback with customers or potential customers.

Write a brief biography and post it on eBay so that people can get to know you. It's vitally important that you don't exaggerate or deceive, even by omission, in your product descriptions. Write a Powerful, Descriptive Headline Use words that attract attention to the product, but don't over-hype - i. Be Realistic Any sales offer on eBay, unless it's one-of-a-kind, is often likely to be in competition with one or more other sellers of the same or similar item.

So to out-maneuver your eBay rivals, be realistic about what your item is worth and describe and price it accordingly - you'll have a better chance of selling your item. The Bottom Line Describe your goods for sale honestly and in detail, price them fairly, and stand behind the sale with a thirty-day money-back guarantee and your customers will be happy and satisfied. At the conclusion of every sale, when the item or items have been delivered to the buyer, ask for feedback.

Post those inevitably favorable comments and they'll inspire trust in prospective buyers and generate more sales for you. The traditional real estate market isn't the only place to conduct your home search. Auctions also bring many buying opportunities. Finances With Children. Lifestyle Advice. Investopedia uses cookies to provide you with a great user experience. By using Investopedia, you accept our. Without a physical store, overhead maintenance expenses and labor expenses are significantly reduced for online sellers.

With such low startup costs, many aspiring sellers flock to sell online with the hope of making an easy profit. Like any business, online sellers need to stay ahead of a fiercely competitive marketplace as well as take into consideration the unique selling expenses such as website fees, shipping and packaging costs which come with operating in an online arena in order to remain profitable. With such a systematic approach, sellers can plan for profitability by targeting high-demand items and managing costs to ensure sustainable margins. How can you measure demand? The first step in measuring profitability is understanding what buyers are after.

Your product needs sufficient demand in order for you to sell enough items to make a profit. How often consumers are searching for your products? This tool shows the number of monthly searches for any relevant product keyword. Sellers with Google AdWords can also use the Keyword Planner tool, regardless of which marketplaces they use.

Photo by Adwords. For example, a seller who sells sneakers online might see the keyword search data above and edit their homepage to have more categories for men, women, and types of shoes, and perhaps add the word training shoes in for good measure.

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How often is your product being sold? Sellers might, for example, race to sell overhyped, fad products, but what usually happens is that sales quickly slump once the buzz dies down. The advanced search option on eBay allows you to see how many items have actually sold versus the total number of listings. Next, type in your product keyword, and be sure to undertake separate searches for completed listings and sold listings. Follow this rule of thumb: If the ratio of sold listings to completed listings is high, this means a good percentage of sellers are selling your items and demand is strong.

A final way to check if products are actually selling across all marketplaces is to look at product reviews. If there is a lot of feedback, it is a clear sign that the product has many buyers.

Make Money on eBay with a Successful eBay Business

Furthermore, with positive feedback, a large amount of reviews also illustrate high buyer engagement, which is another sign of healthy demand. Bikewagon — An eBay Success Story. Making money on eBay , like anything else involves rolling up your sleeves and getting messy by digging into the data.

Hey, if it were easy, everyone would be doing it. Yet, the truth is, it is quite easy.

The steps have always been simple as eBay themselves put it : 1. List the item 2. Sell the item 3. Get paid by eBay. Easy enough? Despite the best efforts of some sellers, their eBay stores have never really taken off and remain nothing more than a minor source of income outside their main occupation. In order to make your eBay business your primary source of revenue, it takes a lot of time and effort invested into your online business. Be sure to use all tools accessible to you to organize yourself, your listings and your shipments.

How to Start an eBay Business

There is nothing more important that organization when it comes to eCommerce. The question is, are you willing to put yourself out there and give it a go?

1. Choose the Right Items

Or are you happy to work a until you reach retirement? Hey, You Only Live Once , after all. What are your best tips for eBay sellers? What is the most useful piece of advice you read or received when setting up your online store? Share your thoughts with us in the comments below! All the tools for eBay sellers in one place.

Jun 25, You can create an auction today, and get paid for your item within a week. You can start for free if you sell items you already own.

How to Use eBay to Sell - 12 eBay Selling Tips to Maximize Profits

There is a ready stream of buyers. There are over million active users on eBay, according to Statista. Part 1: Why sell on eBay anyway? Or maybe your entrepreneurial spirit is calling you to break free of the scene of working for someone else.

The 2 Perspectives to Selling on eBay

Perhaps you are fortunate enough to be able to sell on eBay full-time but not sure what step to take next. The Two Perspectives to Selling on eBay There is the entrepreneur who is motivated by making money in a clinical sense, who is content drop-shipping or selling products purchased wholesale. Sign up for a free account If you know you want to build a business, use the eBay business account sign-up option.

Buy something The best way to get a feel for eBay selling is to make a transaction as a buyer first. Sell a few things Before you go all in on an eBay business, test out eBay by selling a few items.

Take quality photos and write detailed descriptions. Set an opening bid price to entice bidders. Outline your shipping policy, such as how it will be shipped, who pays and how much it will cost. Check out other listings of a similar product to see how other sellers set up their listings. Send an invoice to a winning buyer through the eBay interface Some buyers will pay even before you invoice.

Give and ask for feedback Feedback is crucial to eBay success.