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Another great conference in the series. Not only is the new-look Frantext now online, but the old one has also been retired from service. A good job jobbed! Delighted to be in a beautiful place with a wonderful sense of community among the participants — and actually thinking about research for once!

A weight off my mind. A huge project started nearly a century ago. Mainly the same talks as for the CNRS induction day for new directors. This lasted until exams started in early May, when some gates were opened but all access was checked for ID and bags searched. There was very little real trouble though the riot police were called in. Plenary November A meeting of our research group — Didactique des langues et sociolinguistique Crapel — elected Maud Ciekanski as our new head.

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If you believe such things, of course…. Nice to see an old friend! Corpus use in language learning: A meta-analysis.

Is the full import of the theory recognised and drawn upon? Are there any misunderstandings about what the ATD can achieve and what it is allegedly not yet prepared to accomplish?

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And what then should we do about them? This topic concerns the study of the historical transition from the classical paradigm based on the sequential access to previously established knowledge to an emerging didactic paradigm in which one ideally starts from a question and tries to work out an answer to that question, without any prejudice regarding the kinds of tools needed to elaborate the answer sought after.

Presentations relating to the modelling and critical study, from an ATD viewpoint, of the notion of inquiry-based teaching will be welcomed. Login Lost password? Create account.