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He cannot plant it himself since he has been arrested as a thief. So he offers it to the dignitaries who one by one excuse themselves as they each confess the time they lied or kept something that was not theirs. Even the sultan has a story of dishonesty. The condemned cobbler shakes his head sadly at the state of things.

Extravagance! - Sermon Stories

Every one of these rich men has been dishonest and he, a poor man who stole to feed his family, cannot be of help to the great sultan. At this point the sultan begins to laugh as he realizes the cleverness of the cobbler and the harshness of this death penalty. He pardons the cobbler, pays his debt to the baker and sends him home with a basket of gold and pomegranates. Two more tales that resonate with the images in Isaiah 43 and Psalm are planting seeds and discovering abundance are come from the Korean folklore tradition.

They lose and make their fortunes on separate journeys in life but are finally reunited and reconciled. In the story a poor old and childless couple discover a magic spring that restores their youth and vitality. A jealous older neighbor insists on learning their secret. They send him to the spring with a warning not to drink too much. He ignores their warning and over-indulges. As a result he becomes a helpless baby again instead of a young man.

God’s Extravagant Love

This story is extravagance personified. Lazarus, who has recently been buried in sorrow — as a seed sown in weeping and tears — is sitting resurrected at the table with his sisters and Jesus and the disciples. He is a living image of the harvest in Psalm Hell is the isolation of greed, distrust, and selfishness. Heaven is sharing abundance at the banquet table of life with everyone. If you are preaching on the epistle or the gospel this week I hope you will consider telling the story of John straight from the scriptures instead of having it read. Or retell it in your own words, perhaps, in first person, or from the point of view of one of the people at the table.

Text and photos may be reprinted with permission only. The people in heaven were using those long spoons to feed each other. The story above is a familiar one in sacred storytelling circles. I found this version of the story by Elisa Pearmain at the Unitarian Universalist Association website in a religious education lesson. The curriculum writer suggests a fun way to tell the story dramatically.

Extravagant: Living Out Your Response to God's Outrageous Love

When you get to the next paragraph about heaven, tape another spoon to another ruler. Give spoons to two participants. Invite them to pretend to feed each other to illustrate the way the people ate in heaven. We are reminded of the extravagant renewal of life that occurs when the rains finally come to dry land and water gushes through gullies and arroyos. The extravagantly renewing work of God is like creeks running full and spilling into the irrigation systems in dry fields.

May those who sow in tears reap with shouts of joy. The sowers are sowing through seeds that are watered with their tears. The seeds grow with the blessings of God and are harvested with great shouts of joy. The story begins with a cobbler who is so poor that he weeps at night for fear that he will not feed his children the next day.

Finally out of desperation he steals a loaf of bread from a baker to feed his family knowing the penalty for stealing is death. He is caught and arrested. In despair he wonders what his family will do now. On the way to prison he finds a pomegranate seed in the dirt and has an idea. He tells the soldiers who arrested him that if the sultan knew of his great secret, a secret contained in the pomegranate seed that the sultan would let him live.

The soldiers relay the message and the curious sultan comes to discover the secret. The cobbler reveals that this ancient seed handed down from his grandfather would grow the richest, most extravagantly full, pomegranate tree within minutes that bore tremendous amounts of fruit.

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And each pomegranate would have seeds. The sultan, of course, takes the cobbler to the royal garden to plant the seed. And she did it for no other reason The people who used these things Brothers and sisters we simply cannot out give Jesus.

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