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Who knows? There could be weird connections that no one really thought about. And so healthcare is going to change in a huge way and so many deaths happen because of misdiagnosis that this is a lifesaver. Tim Draper : Oh, yeah. Oh, many. We were really, I guess, the first investors other than maybe Google in an autonomous car, cruise automation.

All those things. Anyway, that was great. GM bought that for a billion dollars. And on my Samsung phone, I was able to go around and take a picture of something and say what it was, and then go find another one — I get a picture of a water bottle, a chair, and a human.

And then we backed a company called LawTrades and another one called Lawyaw, both which make legal services cheaper, more efficient, and better.

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New Horizons : I know that your time is very valuable, but I wanted to ask you, make a comment and ask one question. How do you feel about that as a responsibility? Tim Draper : Oh, I feel great about it. And the idea that a new product can spread much faster than it ever could before because of viral marketing. I think that just gets me more invigorated and I have to get out there and work harder. The world has got to see this.

Cellular Systems : Part 1

New Horizons : Well, Tim, thank you so much for taking your valuable time to talk to us today. We appreciate it. And I hope that maybe some point in the future, we can come back and chat with you again. Thanks for listening to this episode of New Horizons. Please be sure to click on the link below to read a full transcript of this interview. Be sure to tune in again soon for more great guest interviews and stories. And as always, thanks for listening. Click here if you missed Part 1 of this interview, where Tim Draper discusses his family history in private equity and work to educate future business leaders.

He created viral marketing, a marketing method for exponentially spreading an electronic service from customer to customer, instrumental to the successes of Hotmail and Skype and other applications, particularly effective for mail and communications applications. In promoting entrepreneurship, he created Draper University of Heroes, a residential and online school based in San Mateo, Ca to help extraordinary people accomplish their life missions.

He has more than , Twitter followers.

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  • He started Innovate Your State, a non-profit dedicated to crowdsource innovation in government, and BizWorld, a non-profit that teaches young children how business and entrepreneurship work. He served on the California State Board of Education, and led a movement for Local Choice in schools culminating in becoming proponent for a statewide initiative for School Vouchers. He also led an initiative to create competitive governance with Six Californias, followed by Three Californias, which was approved for the ballot, but was rejected by the California Supreme Court before the vote.

    Umbria and Huawei design videoconferencing systems based on the latest technology. March A significant issue for the Italian government in recent years has been the efficiency of its public administration. Huawei designing a videoconferencing system for Umbria creates a brilliant example of efficiency and resource modernization coming together to address this problem.

    However, it also has to liaise with other regions, up to the highest level, as well as the Italian Ministries and the European Union. We only had a couple of movable systems, so each time there was a need for video conferencing, it was logistically difficult to arrange. So, during re-organization of the Umbria Regional building, it was decided to set up at least one fixed meeting room on each of the six floors, for a total of In addition, each room needed integration into a broader digital system to make it accessible to all Umbrian administrations and avoid expensive relocation costs.

    To achieve this vision Umbria searched for a cutting-edge technology solution and, after a tender bid, it chose the Huawei solution proposed by In. A Huawei Gold Partner since , In. Available with one or two HD displays RP or RP , it provides high-quality video conferencing by integrating HD video, cameras, microphones and data into one easy-to-use solution. Using a pedestal stand with wheels makes it effortlessly to move from one room to another.

    The associated TE Mobile Videoconferencing soft client delivers a superior audiovisual experience when installed on mobile phones and tablets, making it easy for users to make video calls, join video conferences and share presentations. Francesco Donadio said. Each room can be equipped with as many wireless microphones as needed.

    It is also possible to add cameras, so that you can move the action to a wider audience.

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    However, the system does more than allow sharing and participation. It offers centralized room management, reservations, and technical assistance everything can be done remotely. Point-to-multi-point communications features connect multiple virtual rooms with a single room, and add the ability to share audio content and real-time video with Android mobile systems and Skype calls. For the Umbrian region, efficiency is measured by a highly competitive quality-to-price ratio and further savings from logistics optimization.

    Video conferencing avoids the need for travel to Rome or elsewhere, saving travel time.

    ARTECH HOUSE U.K.: New Horizons in Mobile and Wireless Communications, Volume 4

    So, there is definitely an economic return. Personalized solutions and innovative technology has afforded more effective communication between political parties, taxpayer savings and, ultimately an improved image for both public administrations and partners. August Join us as we talk to innovators and thought leaders from around the world.

    Well, hi everyone and thanks for tuning in.


    Joining us on the phone today is our very special guest, Steve Hoffman, also known as Captain Hoff. And we are going to be talking about startups and innovation. Thanks for joining us today, Steve. New Horizons: So can you tell us a little bit about yourself and the goals of Founders Space? How did that whole thing get started? I did three venture-funded startups and, after my third startup, I was taking a break and I was spending time helping friends who were launching their companies. And then later, we launched our incubator and accelerator in Silicon Valley, and after that we began expanding all around the world.

    Ad Hoc Networks and PANs

    And now, I spend about half my time traveling. New Horizons: Wow. Steve Hoffman: Oh, China is fantastic. We started expanding into China a few years ago, and it has really accelerated. Right now, we have Founders Space in Beijing. We have it in Wuhan. We have operations in Shanghai.

    And I am bouncing between Chinese cities all the time. We are running incubators and accelerators there. We are also doing work of training entrepreneurs in various cities, helping them get started, helping them raise venture capital, and get funding. And helping them innovate. Steve Hoffman: I do a lot in Shenzhen because it is a hub. We have partners there.

    We have collaborated with a lot of different startups and different organizations. We also have collaborated with Huawei. Can you tell us a little bit more about that? Steve Hoffman: So in my line of work, we work with Venture Capitalists all the time. We are always… we have so many startups coming through our program right now, that literally thousands of startups a year sign up with, for our online programs.

    So we work with a lot of great… most of the large VC firms in Silicon Valley have been in to Founders Space to come to our pitch events and demo days and things like that. We also work with a lot of top investors in China and all across Asia and Europe.


    And that educates me. Well, I guess that answers my next question, which was going to be: What is the venture community think of Founders Space? Steve Hoffman: They are. They tend to step in a little later. Steve Hoffman: Yes.