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Azides and Nitrenes

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Nitrenes And Nitrenium Ions Falvey Daniel E Gudmundsdottir Anna D

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The solid state reactivity of these vinyl nitrene precursors will be studied in order to understand how their reactivity is affected by surrounding crystal lattices. The long term goal is to render these intermediates stable to explore their physical properties. The investigations that are proposed will lead to full characterization of triplet vinyl nitrenes in argon matrices and in solutions.

Since the chemical reaction pathways for these intermediates in solution and in the solid state are largely unknown, they will be studied and identified. Molecular modeling will be performed to aid in the characterization of these compounds and to explain the reactivity of these intermediates.

Better insight into the reactivity of triplet vinyl nitrenes will allow for the design of stable triplet nitrenes. With this award, the Organic and Macromolecular Chemistry Program supports Professor Gudmundsdottir of the University of Cincinnati whose research will study triplet nitrene intermediates that have high spin properties and are therefore potential candidates for organic magnets.

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The quest for new organic materials with magnetic properties arises from their potential to provide new technological advantages for applications such as magnetic shielding, magneto-optical switching, and 'smart' materials. The proposed research will train graduate students to do fundamental research in physical organic chemistry. These graduate students will in turn train undergraduate students to do research and expose high school students to scientific research.

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