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But scholars believe that many Woodland people simply adapted Mississippian practices over time. Other Woodland tribes likely moved to more isolated lands and maintained their cultural practices, sometimes reclaiming their traditional territories when Mississippian tribes themselves relocated to new planting grounds. Certainly European explorers, when they began to encounter the native people of North Carolina, found groups practicing both Woodland and Mississippian ways of life. Hello, so I came here to find a very specific answer and it's okay if you don't know just tell me where you might think I can find it but I saw something about how the First Nations recognized, before the Europeans came along, five genders existed and it was considered a gift to see the world from two genders like gender fluidity in a way I wanted to know if this is true.

Thank you! Thank you for the article, do you have any info relating to the conflicts between Native American Indians? Unfortuantely, NCpedia doesn't have a resource that substantially addresses your question. You may want to check with a local library for help with this question.

Additionally, there are a number of encyclopedic resources for American Indian history that might be useful. Worldcat searches the holdings of libraries around the world and you can see if a potentially useful book might be in a library near you.

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I am doing a speech on American Indian Family structure and was wondering if there is anything that I could get from you about it. If you could answer me that would be great. Thank you in advance. Unfortunately, we do not have anything in NCpedia that speaks directly to this topic. I also suspect that there are many nuances to the topic depending on the time period you are interested in and for specific tribal communities. If you are doing this for a school project, you may also want to consider talking to your school librarian for help.

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Your local public library is also another good resource in addition to a university library if you are located near one. I have also looked at WorldCat — which is an online catalog that includes the holdings of libraries all over the world.

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You can search for a particular topic, browse books and locate those that may be in a library close to you. If your library participates in interlibrary loan, you may also be able to have a book sent to your library. This book appears to be written for a juvenile audience:. Williams, Colleen Madonna Flood. Native American family life. Philadelphia: Mason Crest. You may find some additional items of interest.

Finally, you may want to try searching on Google Scholar.

Google Scholar search results include scholarly articles and dissertations and you may find some recent work on your topic here. Hi mr. If you would like a reply by email, please note thats some email servers are blocked from accepting messages from outside email servers or domains. These often include student email addresses from public school email accounts. If you prefer not to leave an email address, check back at your NCpedia comment for a reply.

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Please allow one business day for replies from NCpedia. Skip to main content. American Indians by William G. Precolonial period pre American Indians. UNC Press. DiNome, William G. Good afternoon, Thank you for visiting NCpedia and sharing this question. I hope this helps! Dear Shelby, Thank you for visiting NCpedia and taking time to share your question.

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This book appears to be written for a juvenile audience: Williams, Colleen Madonna Flood. Good luck with your project and best wishes, Kelly Agan. The Mexicans are the Native Americans. Your name. Provincial or territorial Indian pages will be compiled and will provide information about the tribes that have resided within the province or territory.

These pages have not yet been prepared. Nearly all of the states of the United States have tribes currently residing in them or have historically had tribes within their borders. The state Indian pages provide information about the tribes that have resided within a state, this includes the Indian reservations, Bureau of Indian Affairs agencies, Indian schools, health facilities, and other facts about the Indian groups associated with that state.

The federal government of the United States recognizes some tribal entities, including nearly villages and groups in Alaska. In addition, there are many variations on the names of the tribes. Some tribes have changed their names or have become extinct. An alphabetical a list of Indian Tribes of the United States is available.

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