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Crowe, D. Transformation Geometry and Archaeology.

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Learning and Teaching Geometry, K, Yearbook. Edited by Mary Montgomery Lindquist. Session 7 Reproduced with permission from the publisher. Schifter, Deborah February, Teaching Children Mathematics, 5, 5 , Session 8 Reproduced with permission from Teaching Children Mathematics. Van de Walle, John A.

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Geometric Thinking and Geometric Concepts. They may choose as the basis for their precollege curriculum the most efficient preparation of future professionals, for example, or a recapitulation of the history of the discipline, or a collection of facts and problems selected for their charm to mature practitioners.

Moore is attentive to the preparation of schoolchildren for more advanced study and to the pleasure that they might take in statistical work, but his primary concern is that students learn the skills and habits of mind of good statistical thinkers, and he believes that most students can do so.

Moore introduces statistics and probability as the mathematical fields that deal with data i.

He propounds a "progression of ideas from data analysis to data production to probability to inference" p. The philosophy of exploratory data analysis dominates the first main section, but not to the complete exclusion of more traditional statistical description.

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The data production section considers sources of data, measurement activities, and statistical design. The probability section includes an extended discussion of probabilistic intuition, alternative treatments of conditional probability, and thoughts on the Melvil Decimal System: Works under MDS Wording Edition.

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