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Contact Dermatitis. Medline Plus. Overview Symptoms Causes Diagnosis Treatment. View All. In irritant contact dermatitis , the offending substance comes into direct contact with the skin and then physically, mechanically, or chemically irritates the skin and leads to the symptoms you experience. These reactions can occur after using a product or being exposed to a substance such as metal for the first time for, or you may develop symptoms after many exposures.

Symptoms of Contact Dermatitis. Nickel allergy commonly seen in jewelry wearers Cosmetics Antibiotic creams Rubber latex Chemicals. Causes of Contact Dermatitis.

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Scalp: The scalp is not commonly impacted, but hair dyes are one of the most commonly identified agents. However, if you think you have contact dermatitis on the scalp, anything you put on your head could be the cause. Hands: Food workers, health professionals, professional cleaners, custodians, housekeepers, and anyone else who uses their hands a lot can be impacted.

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  4. You are more likely to develop symptoms on the palm where you have thinner skin. Anything that touches your hand, from gloves to chemicals, can be the culprit. Neck: Jewelry, perfumes, lotions, or anything you may put on this are of the body may be to blame.

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    Underarms: Not only are things like deodorants and shaving products a common cause, but chemicals that come off of clothes as a result of sweating and lead to irritation can also cause contact dermatitis. Legs: The causes here are similar to other areas of the body—topical medications, creams, and dyes. Stockings can also contribute to this problem. Though this skin may not come directly into contact with some irritants, anything that your hands touch could also affect it when you clean yourself. How Contact Dermatitis Is Diagnosed. Other treatments may include:.

    Antibiotics: If your doctor feels that the rash or skin is infected, an antibiotic may be prescribed. It is important that you take this medication as directed and complete your entire course.

    Phototherapy : If contact dermatitis does not respond to steroid creams or systemic steroids, your doctor may try phototherapy. Immunosuppressant agents: In the uncommon event that you do not respond to any of the aforementioned treatments, your doctor may try drugs that suppress the immune response.

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    How To Treat Contact Dermatitis. A Word From Verywell.

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    What are your concerns? Protein Contact Dermatitis and Testing. Occupational Contact Dermatitis. Contact Dermatitis in Children. Anne Birgitte Simonsen, Mette Sommerlund. Laura Malinauskiene, Kristina Morgardt-Ryberg. Hair Dyes. Dental Materials. Sherry H. Yu, Apra Sood, James S.

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