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Moran, Justin M. Godinho, Brian M. Wagner, Mark R. Measuring porosities of chromatographic columns utilizing a mass-based total pore-blocking method: Superficially porous particles and pore-blocking critical pressure mechanism. Journal of Chromatography A , , Interaction of toluene with polar stationary phases under conditions typical of hydrophilic interaction chromatography probed by saturation transfer difference nuclear magnetic resonance spectroscopy.

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12.4.2 Chromatographic Columns

Enmark, P. Shazia Abrar, Bernd Trathnigg. Analysis of polyethyleneoxide macromonomers by liquid chromatography along the critical adsorption line.

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12.4: Gas Chromatography

Perry, Jason W. Comparison of common mobile-phase volume markers with polar-group-containing reversed-phase stationary phases.

HPLC - How to read Chromatogram Easy Explained - Simple Animation HD

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Journal of Chromatography A (v.1397, #C)

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Void Volume in LC. Anant Vailaya. Peter Sajonz.

Applications, Equipment and Quantitative Analysis

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Practice of High Performance Liquid Chromatography | SpringerLink

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12.4.1 Mobile Phase