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No matter how much I read his works they just keep getting better. Yes and you folks may like to know the latest installemnt Soldiers Of Sildon recently won the World Fantasy Award for best novel. I'm still to complete it but it's as good as the originals. Joined May 31, Messages I can't tell whether or not to read this book. I am personally an avid reader but I have other books I really feel like I need to get to.

Would reading this book be too much of a task when there are other things I need to read? I have looked around and found essentially this: It is a difficult but rewarding read. To fully get it, you should read multiple times. The ending really sucks.

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Soldier of Sidon is the third one which will probably resolve the ending of Latro in the Mist. I just can't decide. I checked it out from a library and have other books checked out and from what I have heard, it is a book which you need to commit yourself to and be of high education to fully appreciate. I wouldn't want to ruin it by skimming through it to get it out of the way so I could read another book.

I have already checked it out a couple of times and returned it before so I feel kind of indecisive on reading it after seeing all of these intimidating reviews. I generally like books that are easy to read so that it isn't work to puzzle out all of the little details.

Maybe I'm just lazy. I would personally read the soldier series in order rather than the third installment first. Sorry for the late reply I have no hesitation in recommending you read this series. I think it's one of Gene's best works, dealing primarily with the concepts of memory and self identity. I also like the way in which the central character has to write down the days events at the end of each day as he forgets what happens the following morning.

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He can also communicate with the Gods which is quite cool. Let us know how you fare. Hopefuly some other members can post their thoughts here. T77 Well-Known Member.

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Joined Jun 19, Messages I'll be starting this soon, I have aabout 40 pages to go in The Knight first. I read a few pages already and liked what I read. I'll post impressions as I go along. I'm a slow reader though, so don't expect anything soon.

Soldier of Arete: A Novel in The Soldier Sequence

Unless The Knight flops in the last 40 pages, which I doubt, I absolutely loved that book. I recently started reading fantasy and Gene is just inifinitely better than any other author I've read so far. I might have to go as far as saying that he's ruining other books for me, as I say to myself, why am I reading this when I could be reading Wolfe? T77 said:. I finished Soldier in the Mist last night. I liked it a lot, although there are quite a few plot lines that I hope are expanded on and questions that are answered in the next two books.

Soldier of Sidon by Gene Wolfe – SFFWorld

One complaint is that the plot didn't get going until about chapter ten or so, if it weren't for this I would rate it higher. I liked the history aspects of it more than I thought I would and there were more fantasy elements than I had hoped. Some of the chapters with the gods were incredible.

I'm looking forward to reading the next two books, but I am rotating Gene's works, so I won't get back to the Soldier series for a while. Just finished Soldier of Arete. I was a bit disappointed. The first half of the book was great, but it fell flat in the second half. I really had to force myself to finish it. I hope that Soldier of Sidon lives up to the firsr book and a half. Probably won't get to it for a while, as I plan on reading the last two books of the 'New Sun' and then moving right into the 'Long' and 'Short Sun'.

Soldier of Sildon is better T It won the World Fantasy Award for last year.

I'm very intersted on your take on the Long and Short Sun books. Very few people I know have read those other than myself here, so it would be good to have another member to discuss those with Lamont Cranston Member.

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Joined Dec 6, Messages It is virtually mandatory to read the first volume, although a synopsis here might have precluded the necessity. This is a rich book and a rewarding one for the persevering reader. Library Journal Simultaneously cursed with the inability to remember his past and blessed with the ability to speak with gods, a soldier formerly in service to the Great King of Parsa Persia seeks answers to his many questions amid the fractured, war-torn landscape of the ancient world. Latro's second-hand view of reality lends a dreamlike quality to a story that mirrors the struggle of human consciousness to explain events beyond its comprehension.

In this sequel to Soldier of the Mist, Wolfe achieves a rare blend of history and myth, forming a single shimmering vision of a world unmarked by modern preconceptions.

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