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Apparently, they have some sort of vendetta against creativity! In their fifth and final study, they went into the 'real world' and administered surveys online to employees across 17 different departments. The employees read two scenarios which described a person given an opportunity to behave dishonestly, and they reported how likely they would be to behave unethically if they were the person in the scenario. The employees also indicated their department within the company and how much creativity was required on their job.

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Those in the departments and jobs requiring higher levels of creativity were more likely to report that they'd act unethically in the two scenarios. This all sounds pretty damning for creativity. Not only does this research show a relationship between creativity and dishonesty, by it also shows that creativity causes dishonesty.

The researchers propose that creativity. The ability to be creative, combined with the motivation to think outside the box, explains the proposed relationship between creative thinking and dishonesty. Note : Want more about the dark side of creativity? You didn't define ethical!

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We didn't agree on ethical! There's no social contract between me and you on what is ethical! Until we put up a mutual agreed upon ethical wall aka obstacle to me I can go wherever I want! Desperate times require desperate measures! My mood balancing scale is great for that! I will survive even if I have to go over to the dark side to do it!

Her blame finger is aimed at the creativity trait which everyone has! She wants to control the Id and limit freedom! I gave her my two erect middle fingers in a previous duel.

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Like the first commenter said, there's no definition of ethical here. I would quite possibly lie in a test for financial gain where I felt that the outcome was in no way likely to cause harm to others. I also might lie in this kind of test, as the last commenter said, for the sheer fun of it, because I'm a bit perverse and because I really can't be doing with this kind of quantitive research being used to study measures of human qualities such as creativity. Ideas of creativity and ethics are so subjective that I find it ludicrous that researchers think they can define these kind of concepts according to the job a person does, or whether they'll lie on a perception test.

In my opinion this kind of research is meaningless. If you want to find out about the moral behaviour of 'creative types' and if you've really got nothing more important to do , go live with them, spend time with them, let them tell you how they feel about things. First, most artists creative types aren't extroverts. Whoever thought that up is stupid. How is that dishonest? Dishonest is when you cheat on your wife. Picking the triangle you want to reward me to pick, is only rational. Creative people simply see beyond the rigidness of uncreative minds, which these studies do not express a direct connection of dishonesty at all regarding creative people.

These studies merely show a willingness to defy rationality and logic for selfish gains, but this doesn't indicate dishonesty - of course being selfish most of the time is good, but not all the time. Also, in my opinion, this article imply that "conformity" is something to revere over selfishness irregardless of the benefits to be creative - morals and ethics is not about conformity, it's about governing oneself to act or not act for one's own benefit with minimal to no direct trespass of harm, damage, or wrong upon other people's way of existence.

Creative people simply perceive things towards their benefit overall, even if it defies conventional rationality, logic, or wisdom.

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People forget, most psychologists base a lot of their observations through previously agreed upon ideas and standards, which is antithetical to creative thinking and people; hence the psychologists perspectives will conclude any answer that isn't agreed collectively is to deviate and be dishonest, which is totally bias. A new gene was discovered that is highly sensitive to supportive conditions. The brain can't engage social and mechanical reasoning at the same time. Just because a label has been lifted doesn't make it disappear.

Creativity may be an important skill, but there must also be an awareness of the grey side of creativity and its negative impact on the company. Sign up to our newsletter. The dark side of creativity. By Mai Ke October 24th, Innovation. Fleixible thinking Creative people tend to notice things that others miss and interpret problems from a unique perspective. Potential pitfalls At a broader level, our research demonstrates that creative employees and employees who are encouraged to be creative may lose their moral compass especially when there is some justification.

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Does it pay to be a jerk at work?

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