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Alternating between these two records, complemented by unflinching third-person narration, Shadow Tag is an eerily gripping listen. The Overstory unfolds in concentric rings of interlocking fable that range from antebellum New York to the late 20th-century Timber Wars of the Pacific Northwest and beyond. An air force loadmaster in the Vietnam War is shot out of the sky, then saved by falling into a banyan. An artist inherits years of photographic portraits, all of the same doomed American chestnut.

A hard-partying undergraduate in the late s electrocutes herself, dies, and is sent back into life by creatures of air and light. A hearing- and speech-impaired scientist discovers that trees are communicating with one another.

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Listeners meet vivid characters like Jumbo, a pound mechanic, and Annie, an year-old Lakota woman living in a log cabin. Threading through the audiobook is the story of two men struggling to find a common voice. A sweeping history - and counter-narrative - of Native American life from the Wounded Knee massacre to the present. From the day that old Nana Reja found a baby abandoned under a bridge, the life of a small Mexican town forever changed.

Disfigured and covered in a blanket of bees, little Simonopio is for some locals the stuff of superstition, a child kissed by the devil.

"The Last Report on the Miracles at Little No Horse" by Louise Erdrich

But he is welcomed by landowners Francisco and Beatriz Morales, who adopt him and care for him. Brilliantly executed and compulsively listenable, Unsheltered is the story of two families, in two centuries, who live at the corner of Sixth and Plum, as they navigate the challenges of surviving a world in the throes of major cultural shifts. In this mesmerizing story told in alternating chapters, Willa and Thatcher come to realize that though the future is uncertain, even unnerving, shelter can be found in the bonds of kindred - whether family or friends - and in the strength of the human spirit.

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In the lawless, drought-ridden lands of the Arizona Territory in , two extraordinary lives unfold. Nora is an unflinching frontierswoman awaiting the return of the men in her life - her husband, who has gone in search of water for the parched household, and her elder sons, who have vanished after an explosive argument. Nora is biding her time with her youngest son, who is convinced that a mysterious beast is stalking the land around their home.

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In this transcendent memoir, grounded in tribal myth and ancestry, music and poetry, Joy Harjo, one of our leading Native American voices, details her journey to becoming a poet. Born in Oklahoma, Harjo grew up learning to dodge an abusive stepfather by finding shelter in her imagination, a deep spiritual life, and connection with the natural world. She attended an Indian arts boarding school, where she nourished an appreciation for painting, music, and poetry; gave birth while still a teenager; and struggled on her own as a single mother, eventually finding her poetic voice.

Father Damien alone knows the strange truth of Sister Leopolda's piety and is faced with the most difficult decision of his life: Should he reveal all he knows and risk everything? Or should he manufacture a protective history though he believes Leopolda's wonder-working is motivated by evil? Fields has a pleasing voice, a fine feel for the material and the characters and a knack for low-key dramatization. This is a remarkable book that provides new challenges with every twist of the story.

Where does the "real" story end and fantasy begin? This book has the fantastical feeling of "Life in the Time of Cholera" and yet it is very solidly rooted in the realities of Native American life on a reservation.

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Who are all the people and how are they all related? It is a challenge in some ways to listen rather than read this book because there are so many rich characters. Once again, I would recommend that Audible provide a written list of characters for those who purchase this audiobook. All of these challenges add up to a compelling read, a bit discouraging at times because it is not always clear where the story is going with all its diversions, but ultimately the story and all the characters are solidly wrapped up tight.

I highly recommend it for the fine writing and incredible characters the author has created; it is one of the most inventive and least predictable books I have read in a long time. I also have very high praise for the narrator. Having listened to other books she has read, I doubt very much that Anna Fields is an Ojibwe Indian, but she portrays one without a flaw. As well as dozens of other characters with authenticity and clarity.

I felt like applauding when she ended. Erdrich is one of the most captivating novelists writing today and this may be her finest work. Love, faith, passion, what it means to be human outside of gender identities and cultural barriers - she weaves these themes through an engaging dramatic storyline that will leave you thinking about it long after the story is over. Get this book. Here is are several tales, wound together by the characters themselves.

The book is almost an epic but more intimate. It is a rare thing to find a book with such broad scope and emotional precision.

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I can't say enough good things. Although there were moments of pleasure for me while reading this book, overall it was a long slog for me with not enough reward. The story was interesting to a point but too drawn out. There were so many characters that I had trouble keeping them all straight.

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I really tried. I would read carefully and understand a certain twist of the plot. Then the plot would take off in another direction with another character or set of characters. By the time the plot finally came back to the first character… well, who WAS that character? Although I tend to love magical realism when done well, to me it did not work here. All the flights of fancy seemed only to be confusing. At times the book seemed caught between a serious novel and some kind of farce. The way Erdrich handled the kidnapping of Agnes and the subsequent chases and car scenes seemed more ridiculous then magical or entertaining, enlightening or anything.

Advanced Search. For specific information, click here. By Louise Erdrich. Add to Wish List. Book Culture on Broadway. Staff Picks. When Agnes strips naked, he is more relieved than excited. Well, at first. This is a book to read slowly, savouring the twists of story and time, tasting the sensory and sensuous delights that burst on the pages like thick bubbles in a fine stew.

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It traces a century of Chippewa life through the eyes of a beloved, loving outsider and makes of that outsider a model of charity and good living. When you are done, you will want to go back to the other books, with this one as the fork on which you will test the tune of its predecessors.

And they will sing, too, still. Mothered by genius, these books sing.

I have a page devoted to discussion of Louise Erdrich's novels and a full review of The Antelope Wife. It links to bibliographies of Erdrich's works and of scholarship as well. An excellent collection of web resources can be found at The Internet Public Library. The Last Report on the Miracles at Little No Horse by Louise Erdrich The latest in Louise Erdrich's chronicles of the Chippewa Ojibwe and Michif people of central North Dakota, The Last Report on the Miracles at Little No Horse is a beautiful, brilliant book that recapitulates the story of the Kashpaws and Nanapushs, the Morrisseys and Lamartines, while moving to center stage a minor character who becomes, by the book's end, central to the history of the place and people.

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