Manual The Lords Supper in the New Testament (History of Biblical Studies)

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What Is the Lord's Supper?

See John Thank you Gladys, it seems to me as well. I have more information in my upcoming article, please stay tuned! Very interesting Julia! I think most of us simply accept things without asking the hard questions. I look forward to your next post to continue this conversation.

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Thank you Dot! There will be lot of interesting details in my next post, I really hope many readers will find it interesting and helpful.

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April 19, views. March 26, views. Learn Now. Request Info Start Learning Now. By Julia Blum April 18, 8 comments. About the author.

The Lord's Supper in the New Testament (History of Biblical Studies)

Julia Blum Julia is a teacher and an author of several books on biblical topics. Biblical Portraits: What Did Sarah Biblical Portraits: The Victorious Join the conversation 8 comments Leave a Reply Cancel reply. Mond Angeles on Apr 22, am. The timing was more than coincidence. So important was it that the apostle Paul set out clearly how it was to be conducted, with grave warnings for all who did not treat it with reverence 1 Corinthians — The apostle John also recounts a substantial body of teaching at the supper John 13— He spoke of what would happen after He died, how the Holy Spirit would come to comfort and guide them, and how their joy would one day be complete.

It is a celebration, indeed! In other editions, see chapter Praise for the Print Edition This beautifully written work confirms Brant Pitre's eminence as a scholar of the very first rank. Focusing on the Last Supper, Pitre develops such themes as the new bread of the presence, the new manna, the new Passover, the messianic banquet, and the kingdom of God in often surprising but utterly persuasive ways.

Catholic participation in the Jesus quest has hereby finally borne its hoped-for fruit, with enormous implications for all Christians.

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Pitre should win the Ratzinger Prize for this book alone. The discipline is razing old foundations with the hope that more sophisticated methods will emerge. With Jesus and the Last Supper Brant Pitre constructs a bridge from the best scholarship of previous generations to the most promising possibilities of the present.

The Last Supper Story in the Bible Challenges Our Commitment to the Lord

This book is nothing less than a blueprint for resurrecting Jesus studies in the twenty-first century. At every turn readers will find new observations worth pondering and new arguments worth weighing. In particular, the numerous intertextual claims should generate much productive discussion, as should Pitre's challenging approach to dating the Last Supper. No one will come away from this volume without having learned much.

The Character of Jesus, Session 10: The Lord's Table (David Pawson)

Allison Jr. Carefully researched and vigorously yet graciously argued, it offers a brilliant new synthesis of the data. Even readers not persuaded by every point will find much or even most of the argument persuasive.